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We have an excellent public school system in Cherokee County, largely due to the super Superintendent we have.  This page will list accomplishments and awards our county's teachers, schools, and the Cherokee County School District (CCSD) have received.


Six high schools named as 2016 Advanced Placement Honor Schools

Mon, 7 March 2016

The AJC reported today that six Cherokee County high schools were all named by the state of Georgia as Advanced Placement Honor Schools for the sixth consequative time!  Additionally, three schools - Cherokee, Creekview, and River Ridge were also named as AP Merit Schools.  Other schools got honors in various STEM categories.

CCSD teacher wins state history award

Wed, Jan 27, 2016

The AJC reported that Krista Webb of Woodstock High School was named 2015 Outstanding American History Teacher by the Georgia State Society.  Webb teaches Advanced Placement US and World History and is the social studies department head for the school.  She was also 2011 CCSD Teacher of the Year.  Way to go, Krista!!!

CCSD students place 5th in Georgia on SAT scores &  1st in Metro Atlanta

The Cherokee County School District's class of 2015 earned an average total score of 1560, which was the fifth-highest score out of 180 school systems in the state of Georgia, according to data released today by the College Board.

Four CCSD STEM schools to receive award in August, 2015

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Canton Elementary and Clark Creek Elementary, Teasley Middle, and Creekview High Schools are finalists for the 2015 Georgia STEM Education Award, which recognizes Georgia schools who do an outstanding job in promoting science, technology, engineering, and math.  Later this month, they will receive awards in Atlanta  at a gala to be held by The Technology Association of Georgia.  Way to go, CCSD STEM schools!!!

CCSD Special Education students graduation rate best in metro area in 2014

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Cherokee Tribune reported today that the Cherokee County School District topped the metro area in the 2014 graduation rate of special need students.  Dr P said, "Students must earn a general education diploma within four years to count towards the graduation rate, no matter the type of learning disabilities or other challenges they may face."  Cherokee's rate was 56.8% for 2014, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year.  The state average was 36.5  In the metro area, the next highest was Cobb at 51.7%, Fayette at 49.2%, and Decatur City at 45.5%  The lowest in the area was Atlanta City at 18.9%.  One interesting statistic was Marietta City, which had a rate of 33.3%  Dr P said that the various programs helped in this achievement including the CHOICES program at Cherokee High (which has seen a 100% increase in participation in the 2015 school year just ended over the 2014 level), ACE Academy (an alternative day school for middle and high school students), Polaris Evening School, C3 Academy (which is an on-line program for middle and high school students), and the summer school program - all of these options are available to all CCSD students.  Way to go, CCSD!!!!

"Dr. P" proposes budget that allows for more teachers & no furloughs next school year

Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Cherokee Tribune reported today that Dr Petruzielo has presented the CCSD school board with a proposed budget that would eliminate all teacher furlough days next school year and hire up to 48 new teachers (which would allow the district to reduce class sizes), up to six new nurses, up to seven new bus drivers, and up to three new technology specialists - all of this despite an $11 Million dollar shortfall in state funding next year.  The reason for this is that the shortfall is being reduced from $17.6 Million.  (If all funds were restored, then the CCSD could hire around 150 more teachers.)  Dr P said class sizes will still exceed the recommended limit by 1 or 2 students next year, down from 3 to 4 this school year.  The tentative budget does not call for an increase in the millage rate, either.  The proposed budget will be posted on the CCSD's web site (CCSD link at the top of this page) and the public will have an opportunity to review, question, and comment on it for at least 60 days.  Final budget approval will occur in July.

Two CCSD schools included on "Best High School in America" list

Thursday, 14 May 2015

River Ridge and Sequoyah High Schools were listed as "Best High Schools in America" in a US News and World Report list published this week. Part of the ranking criteria included Advanced Placement exam results and performance by disadvantaged students.  To its credit, Sequoyah has made the list for the last four years, but this is a first for Cherokee's newest high school, River Ridge.  Not only that, this was the first year it was  even eligible for consideration!  Additionally, last month, all five CCSC high schools were included in the Washington Post's list of "Most Challenging High Schools".  Way to go CCSC high schools!!!

CCSD named a 2015 National Green Ribbon School District

30 April 2015

The Cherokee Tribune reported today on page 1 that the CCSD was one of only 14 school systems in the United States to receive this award.  The district received this distinction because of the things it has done to help protect our environment including:

partnering with the Clean Air Campaign and retrofitting all buses bought before 2007 with exhaust reducing devices,
developed a program to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in our schools,
participating and fostering school-based recycling programs,
partnering with businesses to encourage habits that improve health, wellness, and the environment
STEM schools increased awareness of energy and ecology in their programs.

State school superintendent Richard Woods said, "Their forward thinking will save money and energy, while also teaching our kids the importance of conservation of resources and protection of the environment in which we live."    Way to go, CCSD!!!

Teasley Middle School a finalist for most family-friendly school

Sunday 12 April 2015

Teasley Middle School is one of 9 schools in Georgia in the running to be named the most family-friendly school under the state Department of Education's Family-Friendly Partnership Program.  Teasley did this by sending weekly grade-level newsletters, providing special training events for parents, community partnerships, and by having a bi-lingual facilitator on staff.  Teasley is listed as a Title 1 school, meaning that it has a significant number of English Language Learner students.  Way to go (and good luck), Teasley Middle!!!