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Here is information to help you understand voter registration and elections in Georgia.  If you are not currently registered, we encourage you to register and vote in the next election cycle.   It's easy!  You may register at: a public library, the Department of Motor Vehicles (but make sure to use your actual address AND be careful at renewal time, especially if you've moved since your last license was issued), the county elections office in Canton, or by a link on the county's web site, which sends you to the Secretary of States voter registration web site.  There's also "an app for that" that allows you to register on your smart phone!  You can also find out your voter information such as the various election districts you reside in and where you vote on election day (see the links section at the bottom).

In Georgia, you do NOT register by political party.
  In a primary election, you choose which ballot you want, D, R, or Non-Partisan.

In Georgia, anyone may vote using an absentee ballot - there are NO restrictions  (i.e. severe illness, out of the county at election time, etc.).  You apply for one using this link at the county elections web site. (Clicking this link sends a .PDF file to your down- load folder.) Print and fill the form in.  You can FAX, mail or scan, attach and email it back.  They then send you a paper ballot, which you mark up and send back to them in envelopes that are provided.  Be sure to get it in the mail as soon as possible.  Finally, you can NOT give your absentee ballot to an elections official on election day at a polling location.  You CAN, however, deliver it to the main elections office in Canton on election day before 7 PM and it will be counted.

Georgia has a two to three week period before election day when you can vote.  Locations vary during this period, but usually at least one Saturday is designated as a voting day.  During this period, you may vote at any of the identified locations within the county regardless of where you live in the county.  See the county's web site for information on dates, locations, and hours. 

There's absolutely NO EXCUSE for not voting!

Georgia Secretary of State "My Voter" Page

Georgia Voter Identification Requirements 

Georgia Voter Registration Information

Cherokee County Elections and Voter Registration

Rock the Vote - Building Political Power for Young People:  http://rockthevote.com

And lastly, here is a link to a comprehensive on-line guide for young or first-time voters:


2018 County Election Info

NOTE: When more than one candidate is running for an office, the names appear in alphabetical order by last name.

NOTE: The links here are for informational purposes only and should NOT be considered to be an endorsement by the Cherokee Co Democratic Committee

The following Cherokee Co elective offices will be on the ballot this year.  Qualifying fee is shown in parenthesis.
Incumbents shown in brackets.

NOTE:  No Democrats chose to run for any of these local offices in 2018

Co Commission Chairman($1140)
[ Buzz Ahrens ]

Co Commission Dist 1 ($900)
[Steve West]

Co Commission Dist 4 ($900)
[Kenneth Scott Gordon]

Solicitor General ($3,923.40)
[Jessica Moss]

School Board Dist 3  ($216)
[John Harmon]

School Board Dist 4  ($216)
[Rick Steiner]

School Board Dist 5  ($216)
[Clark Menard]