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The Party Structure

Logo for Georgia Democrats

Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG)

Democrats are dedicated to improving the lives of Georgians and this is reflected through the ideals in our party platform. The Democratic Party of Georgia works year-round to elect Democrats that share our values of a strong middle class, integrity in government, and equality and justice for all Georgians.

Congressional District 11 Chair

The CD-11 Chair represents, mentors, and guides county parties within the 11th Congressional District. Elected by the State Committee Members within the district, the CD-11 Chair serves a 4 year term.

Current Chair: Sheree Giardino

Logo for CD 11

State Committee Members

The bylaws of the Cherokee County Democrats and the Democratic Party of Georgia allow for 5 State Committee Members, serving 4 year terms, to represent the party at the state level. CCD PostHolders elect the State Committee Members to represent them via votes at the state level, attend caucus and committee meetings, and more.

CCD Executive Board

Officers are elected for 2 year terms, must be PostHolders, and are elected by the PostHolders. Officers are responsible for the business of the party in-between meetings and have responsibilities to the Democratic Party of Georgia in adhering to the county and state bylaws. Current Officers:

Chair: Nate Rich
1st Vice Chair: Stephanie Bolton
2nd Vice Chair: Rita Kent
3rd Vice Chair: Sandra Williams
Secretary: Deb Kent
Treasurer: Mike McKee


The Voting Members of CCD are its PostHolders. Elected to 4 year terms, PostHolders are elected per the bylaws of the Democratic Party of Georgia and the Cherokee County Democrats. PostHolder districts align with those of the County Commissioners. With 4 districts and one At-Large group of PostHolders elected every two years, PostHolders represent the CCD members in their districts and vote on such matters as the CCD budget, any other financial matters, elect Officers and State Committee Members, and chair our subcommittees.