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The Platform

Within the Cherokee County Democratic Party we value the individual, favor the organized Party District, encourage the expression of ideas, pledge to hear all who would speak, and trust the will of the majority.

We specifically value diversity of persons and ideas. We believe in the inclusion of all, and we are proud of the inclusive history of our Party. Although individual differences and chance will produce different outcomes, we believe that all persons are created equal and deserve equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – including quality education and affordable housing as well as economic and political opportunity. We believe that all citizens should have the opportunity to cast votes that will be counted. We believe that labor must be properly valued as an economic partner to capital rather than as an economic commodity.

Strong, Inclusive Public Schools

We believe quality public schools are vital to Georgia’s future in a competitive world. We want every child in Georgia to have the life-long education necessary to succeed through access to a high quality public education.

Students should be educated by caring, qualified teachers with the aid of modern technology in a well-maintained school facility. Good schools benefit everyone and are crucial to a strong economy, good citizenship, and thriving communities. We affirm the critical role of educators and believe teachers should be treated with the respect they deserve.

Protecting Our Right to Choose

The most basic human right is the right to control one’s own body. For women across the country and here in Georgia that right is being stripped away. We believe that every Georgian regardless of their background should be guaranteed the right to choose if, when, and how they start or grow their family.

Healthcare as a Human Right

We believe that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic, human right. Affordable, quality healthcare is essential to our economic security, a productive and successful workforce, healthy children, and a strong society.

Reducing Gun Violence In Our Communities

Gun violence is now the number one cause of death of children in Georgia. We support common-sense initiatives proven to reduce gun violence while protecting the rights of responsible Georgia gun owners. These include universal background checks on every purchase and transfer of firearms, awareness programs around safe gun storage especially around children, extreme risk laws to prevent someone in crisis or people with dangerous histories from accessing firearms, and sensible waiting periods on new gun purchases.

Protecting Our Right to Vote

Voting should be accessible, easy, secure and safe for all. Our political process works best when everyone participates, when everyone’s voice can be heard, and when elected officials are powerless to game the system, As such, we support the repeal of SB 202 and giving counties the flexibility to implement measures that reduce long lines and increase voter participation.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Stewardship and protection of the earth is our sacred trust. We have a responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an earth that is safe, livable and healthy for generations to come. We should be able to eat the fish in our waters, and to know the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the foods we eat are safe so that our children will have a healthy future.